The Valley Fire and Nessie Sweets

I was just about to launch Nessie Sweets as a business at the beginning of September. I had one more meeting with the Department of Environmental Health and then I would have all my permits to finally start my own business; something I've thought about doing for a long time but the timing was never quite right.  But on the afternoon of September 12, this was the view from my deck.

We had the sheriff driving down our street with the megaphone not too long after this with a mandatory evacuation. This was the beginning of the Valley Fire which took over 1200 homes, burned over 75,000 acres, took 4 lives, injured 4 brave firefighters and upended so many peoples lives. Our house survived by some miracle. Our neighbors house burned and  this is how close the fire came (taken from the same porch as above, just the right side)

So after 10 days of evacuation, and a couple of weeks of deep heartbreak; trying to help which friends I could that lost their houses, and there are just too many to help all of them which just adds to the heartbreak, I realized I needed to keep moving forward and serve my community.

One morning I just woke up, had my final meetings, and made NessieSweets official. 

So then the only thing to do was to have a Grand Opening! And in the face of disaster and trauma the only thing you can do is give. I was overwhelmed by how many people had helped me during this time and I hadn't even lost my house! But people just knew that this was the time to help and support and give, so now I want to do the same.

For all my friends in Lake County who survived the Valley Fire, (and even if we don't know each other yet come say Hi! we will be friends fast!) I am making organic chocolate chip cookies and raw chocolate truffles to give for free. A little sweet treat goes a long way in the moment of heartbreak. It doesn't matter if you lost your house or not. We have all been affected by this in ways that are unspeakable. This is when I find chocolate to be the most helpful.

For any friend who had a birthday and lost their house during this fire, please contact me. NessieSweets will make you a birthday cake on us. Cause everyone needs a birthday cake (or pie, i love pie, you will get to know that about me).

My heart goes out to all of you and I can't begin to articulate how grateful I am for my community. 

ps hug a firefighter